Not Within the Stone

from by Dalla Nebbia



Noble is the vigilant
Wherefore, giveth unto spirit
Fire of life
A flicker of death
I do worship in silence reverence
I build temples in my mind

My brick doth inspire song
To that which on this planet dwell
To wind and leaf and bough
That which gives poetry its breath

Finding solace in birdsong
Drink in the realm
The realm of nature,
The visage of gods
The realm of man,
Of petty sorrow

The realm of evil…
Is not within the stone
It’s not within the wood.
It’s not among the water
But etched in human bone
Pulsing through veins

The realm of pain
Felt by all creation
The realm of war
Seen through the eye of conquest

The realm of pain
Felt by all creation
The realm of spirit
That of the unknown

Finding solace in birdsong
Reaching the realm
When blinded by our fears
And sullied by our faith
Obscures the view of after
Blinks away the tears
Even when my view is clear
Of the full sky
Even heaven fades away


from Felix Culpa, released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Dalla Nebbia

With a foundation in black metal, Dalla Nebbia is a far-cry from the corpse paint and spiked gauntlets of the Scandinavian orthodoxy. Rather, the four-piece American project chooses a more diverse path to put forth their musical message. Dalla Nebbia is band not afraid to skew genres and eschew tradition in favor of creating a sound that is all their own. ... more

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