Felix Culpa

by Dalla Nebbia

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With their sophomore effort, progressive black metallers Dalla Nebbia take you through the dark and foggy morass of the human psyche. Felix Culpa is a journey through decay and regret, death and suicide, and thorny despair at the hands of an angry god. Featuring stunning violin performances throughout by Sareeta (Borknagar, Solefald, Ásmegin, God of Atheists), as well as some additional guest guitar work by Aort (Code, Indesinence), the album is heavy, atmospheric, and piercing to your very soul. Recommended for fans of Enslaved, Windir, and King Crimson.

CD available to purchase for $10 at Ominous Domain.

- An album impossible to fully digest on the first listen, second, and indeed even a few more, Felix Culpa still quickly emerges as one richly fascinating and perpetually tempting proposition. The creation of US based Dalla Nebbia; it is a compelling assault of extreme metal and imagination. (Ringmaster Review)

- When all is said and done these guys have well and truly carved out a very peculiar niche for themselves. It may not be the most instantly accessible album of the year, or any year for that matter, but its largesse becomes more abundant and clear with each listen. (The Metal Observer)

- Bottom line, this is a highly polished and extremely beautiful album that will easily appeal to fans of the aforementioned bands as well as fans of dark-hued progressive rock and metal. (Prog Metal Zone)

- This is a record that sounded thunderous on first listen, but as I worked my way through the album again and again, more of the overall atmospheres and philosophies became apparent. It’s both an immediate record and a grower, and it’s one that I’ll keep sojourning through as my own existence shapes and shifts its meanings, traveling through both dark and light. (Meat Mead Metal)

- It's a strange, confusing but immensely satisfying trip (Merchants of Air)


released September 18, 2015

- All music written by Yixja, lyrics by Zduhać
- Violin on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 performed by Sareeta, recorded in Strand Studio in Oslo, Norway
- Additional guitar on 6 and 7 by Aort
- Mixed and mastered by Yixja



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Dalla Nebbia

With a foundation in black metal, Dalla Nebbia is a far-cry from the corpse paint and spiked gauntlets of the Scandinavian orthodoxy. Rather, the four-piece American project chooses a more diverse path to put forth their musical message. Dalla Nebbia is band not afraid to skew genres and eschew tradition in favor of creating a sound that is all their own. ... more

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Track Name: Until the Rain Subsides
For you I scream alone
The one in white, enshrouded
By nightfall
Obscured by mist
Gently spreads a bloody smile

The sound of bird alights my senses
Blinking I am once again reborn
Rain above
Pain below
Fire within
Until the rain subsides

Frail, but arcane
I greet the sky
Darkened and greyed by time
And ignore the specter of memory

The hope for death
The longing of past
The hunger for the never
Eyes stinging with fear

With legacy secured
And fate assured
I fasten myself to shackles
And shuffle through the snow

When sound blinks away
And all is left but grey
With bloodied eye and sour tongue
I drift into black

In dream torture begins anew

Array of images
Second-hand account of the ghost
Crooked smile
Hollow eyes
Porcelain visage cracked with neglect

Greeted once again by the north
I slumber in frost
A journey meanders
Reaching a cold end

The hope for death
The longing of past
The hunger for the never
Eyes stinging with hate
I have searched for death
To end the past
I never sated the urge
I fell to ground
Among the dust
Among the ruin
Of the bloody specter of memory

Rain above
Pain below
Fire within
Until the rain subsides

My journey has meandered
Reaching a cold end
Until I light the fire once more
Track Name: Abandoned Unto Sky
The silent statue stands
Solid, crumbling
Visage stoic, distorted by time

Dry roots and grey trunk
The tree upright
Shows no sign of growth

Solitary, in a field
Left to sink to surface
Cracked wood, also grey
A barn, forlorn
Tended by no man
Abandoned by all
Given unto the sky

In this I see death
In silent repose
Sickened by reality
A severed head
A broken body
Dismembered spirit
Ravaged and left for consumers of carrion
A sweet sickness
The smell of dried blood

The kiss of remembrance
In darkness, despair
The silent transition
Into depths of grey darkness

I embrace the changing
As autumn gives way to winter
And ice surrenders to thaw
As dusk gives way to nightfall
As the mists become the fog
A mountain falls to the sea
I embrace the changing
The fall to arcane shade
Track Name: Lament of Aokigahara
Seekers of the void
Speak to me of sorrow
Stay silent, breathe your pain.
Feel the caress of leaf and bough

Know what you murder
Know the end of life
Collapse beneath

Prepare thyself for finality
I will hold the rope

Swim the sea of trees
Understand the silence
Tread the surface
Collapse beneath

The perfect place to die
Darkness in the light of day
Silence welcomes the end

I have seen it all before
Obscured by mist
Covered in frail darkness
Masked by the silence of density

Night comes
Bleakness surrounds
Your end nears
Body and mind surrender

You will die
With nothing around but the trees,
Your silent watchers

With no souls around
And eyeless trees to watch
Lost in the brush
What feeling, what emotion
Envelopes you in the final moment?

The perfect place to die
Darkness in the light of day
Silence welcomes the end

I have seen it all before
Obscured by mist
Covered in frail darkness
Masked by the silence
Of the sea
The sea of trees
Track Name: The Banner of Defiance
Steady thy hand
And wand
For in the hour of dawn
There's no time for tongue
Or wrath

The old soul is damaged
Bereft of human trust
Seeks shelter in night.
By light of day he wanders

The time for reckoning
To make peace
To spite the righteous
To destroy the oppressors

The old soul is damaged
Crushed, bereft of compassion
Seeks shelter in night
By light of day he wanders

So come heathen
Come pagan
Come heretic
Come derelict
Come refugee
Come forth
Under the banner of defiance
Say true and fast
For truth exists
In the face of ignorance
Track Name: Not Within the Stone
Noble is the vigilant
Wherefore, giveth unto spirit
Fire of life
A flicker of death
I do worship in silence reverence
I build temples in my mind

My brick doth inspire song
To that which on this planet dwell
To wind and leaf and bough
That which gives poetry its breath

Finding solace in birdsong
Drink in the realm
The realm of nature,
The visage of gods
The realm of man,
Of petty sorrow

The realm of evil…
Is not within the stone
It’s not within the wood.
It’s not among the water
But etched in human bone
Pulsing through veins

The realm of pain
Felt by all creation
The realm of war
Seen through the eye of conquest

The realm of pain
Felt by all creation
The realm of spirit
That of the unknown

Finding solace in birdsong
Reaching the realm
When blinded by our fears
And sullied by our faith
Obscures the view of after
Blinks away the tears
Even when my view is clear
Of the full sky
Even heaven fades away
Track Name: Felix Culpa (Theodicy Corrupted)
The tyrant on his throne
Observing his masterpiece
The music of sorrow, the song of dread
The pious wailing of the faithful

The ethereal plain is flooded
A river of black prayers
The conceited insects on broken wings

The lucky few, those chosen for the End
With pride will witness the fall
And with a bleak smile
Are blessed with damnation

The Redeemer is impure
Felix culpa

Melius enim iudicavit de malis benefacere,
Quam mala nulla esse permittere.
The Redeemer is impure

On arrival of the Divine
A meteor driven through the throat of the sky
When the veins of earth bleed
And the tears of angels salt the soil
Acid soothes the wounds!

The Good from Evil
The Light of Darkness
The weakness of spirit
And cancer of the soul
Is an illusionary benefactor
Whose veil of mystery
Is a claw in the face of happiness
Track Name: Paradise in Flames
Swayed by the motion
Lulled by the song
A world with no hunger
A life without pain
A paradise

Such passion
Such vigor
Such authenticity
We will build your temple
Our paradise
Our Eden and Elysium
Our sanctuary
Our salvation

This world should not contain us
No pain after this life
The poison is sweet
The ground is wet

This world should not contain you
The pain you've brought these lives
The poison is sweet.
So easy to drink
Heaven is at home
And hell is above.
To man's own end
Is the true destiny

Your paradise burns
And dies with your children