Felix Culpa (Theodicy Corrupted)

from by Dalla Nebbia



The tyrant on his throne
Observing his masterpiece
The music of sorrow, the song of dread
The pious wailing of the faithful

The ethereal plain is flooded
A river of black prayers
The conceited insects on broken wings

The lucky few, those chosen for the End
With pride will witness the fall
And with a bleak smile
Are blessed with damnation

The Redeemer is impure
Felix culpa

Melius enim iudicavit de malis benefacere,
Quam mala nulla esse permittere.
The Redeemer is impure

On arrival of the Divine
A meteor driven through the throat of the sky
When the veins of earth bleed
And the tears of angels salt the soil
Acid soothes the wounds!

The Good from Evil
The Light of Darkness
The weakness of spirit
And cancer of the soul
Is an illusionary benefactor
Whose veil of mystery
Is a claw in the face of happiness


from Felix Culpa, released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Dalla Nebbia

With a foundation in black metal, Dalla Nebbia is a far-cry from the corpse paint and spiked gauntlets of the Scandinavian orthodoxy. Rather, the four-piece American project chooses a more diverse path to put forth their musical message. Dalla Nebbia is band not afraid to skew genres and eschew tradition in favor of creating a sound that is all their own. ... more

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