Abandoned Unto Sky

from by Dalla Nebbia



The silent statue stands
Solid, crumbling
Visage stoic, distorted by time

Dry roots and grey trunk
The tree upright
Shows no sign of growth

Solitary, in a field
Left to sink to surface
Cracked wood, also grey
A barn, forlorn
Tended by no man
Abandoned by all
Given unto the sky

In this I see death
In silent repose
Sickened by reality
A severed head
A broken body
Dismembered spirit
Ravaged and left for consumers of carrion
A sweet sickness
The smell of dried blood

The kiss of remembrance
In darkness, despair
The silent transition
Into depths of grey darkness

I embrace the changing
As autumn gives way to winter
And ice surrenders to thaw
As dusk gives way to nightfall
As the mists become the fog
A mountain falls to the sea
I embrace the changing
The fall to arcane shade


from Felix Culpa, released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Dalla Nebbia

With a foundation in black metal, Dalla Nebbia is a far-cry from the corpse paint and spiked gauntlets of the Scandinavian orthodoxy. Rather, the four-piece American project chooses a more diverse path to put forth their musical message. Dalla Nebbia is band not afraid to skew genres and eschew tradition in favor of creating a sound that is all their own. ... more

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